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Couplet Poem

by Eva 2 months ago in nature poetry
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Reading is an amazing thing.

Couplet Poem
Photo by Kourosh Qaffari on Unsplash

I went for a walk

and I saw a hawk

Out by the massive farm

With it's surprising charm

I sat in a little nook.

By the little stony brook.

I read some pages bound by a cover.

When it comes to books I am a lover.

Sitting in a nice warm breeze,

Underneath the white oak trees

Sitting in that little nook

With a nice fictional book

Listening to that

soaring butterscotch

beaked hawk

It is almost as if it is trying to talk

Getting sucked into the atmosphere

Where I can be a mountaineer

Whether a mountaineer or a fairy

Sometimes it can be really scary

That atmosphere where I can be anywhere

That atmosphere where I can be a brown bear

That atmosphere where I can believe

That atmosphere where I can leave

Where I can do whatever I want

And I can leave whenever I want

Inside a book is the best place to be

Whether it is on a couch or under a tree

nature poetry

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