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A Poem


Confidence is a quality; an aura of which you crackConfidence is a brother; a somebody to watch your back

Confidence is a priority; an essence to which we thriveConfidence is a danger; a reason to feel alive

Confidence is a choice; a question to fill your headConfidence is a reason; a shallow water to forever tread

Confidence is a light; a torch behind the stormConfidence is a spark; a fire to keep us warm

Confidence is a key; an essential to unlock flatteryConfidence is a heaven; a power to pursue gravity

Confidence is in a coma; resting patiently until ignitedConfidence is a proposal; a party to which you’re invited

Confidence is alive, and it is there in your heartConfidence is seeking, and it is there ‘til you depart

Confidence is waiting, knocking calmly at the doorThe coal resides within you; ignite it—because it’s yours

Jord Tury
Jord Tury
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