Coffee Brain

by Jord Tury 2 years ago in sad poetry

A Poem

Coffee Brain

I am not here, I am there; a fly swarming masses

Time can control me, destroy me, yet not one second passes

I am a bipolar fascist; a mercenary by order

I climb ladders to feel tall but forever seem smaller

I am the smoke from the embers; the cloud among flames

I extinguish but do not burn; a forgettable worn name

I am a drone in training; a puppet upon strings

I despise the corrupt pilot; the consumer of lost wings

I am a product, a promotion; a prosecutor of slavery

I lack the confidence, the ambition, the discipline to seek bravery

I am a coffee-induced coma victim; so limited and flaccid

I speak only when I can speak; through the frogs over acid

I am a suit seeking solitude, away from my own mind

A self-loathing washout; a pretentious loser confined

I am too quiet to whisper, yet too loud to scream

I am the limbo of the afterlife, the requiem of a dream

I am the embodiment of a slave; so frail and so worn

I seek guidance and freedom; a lighthouse beyond storms

I am alone and I am afraid, most forgettable at least

I am expendable, I am prey; a lamb sucked in sickle teeth

I am here, I am there, but only for a while

Pour me another cup and I’ll sit, I’ll stay; and I’ll die in exile

sad poetry
Jord Tury
Jord Tury
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