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Comfortable Relationships

Navigating Love and Connection with Trust and Understanding

By Emily Chan - Life and love sharingPublished about a month ago 1 min read
Comfortable Relationships
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We don’t have to talk every day, just send a “Hey, how are you?” to check up on each other at least a few times a week. This is our way of saying that we are always part of the friend group regardless of the time of life we are going through.

We all receive happiness from one another and share the burden of sadness together too. When we have something on our mind, there is no hesitation or fear of sharing our open honest opinions.

When one is with a special someone, it doesn’t happen overnight; it takes time to cultivate and grow the relationship.

We don’t need subjecting communication when it is not necessary. While facing times of misfortune and sadness, we depend on one another particularly when it matters most.

The feeling of being with each other through tough and happy times is what brings us together and makes us stand shoulder to shoulder. I don’t need any secret or complexity; all I need is a real person to connect with.

Sweetheart is not synonymous with being around each other all the time. It rather is about understanding you and accepting your space.

Therefore, if you do feel this kind of love today, this is what you could describe it as Recognize, fancying someone is transitory, but adoring him is for the longness. I really appreciate your opinion.

Thank you for reading!

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  • Esala Gunathilakeabout a month ago

    Sometimes loneliness is the best relationship in that scenario. Thanks for sharing!

Emily Chan - Life and love sharingWritten by Emily Chan - Life and love sharing

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