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by Chase Gage 5 years ago in surreal poetry
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A Rainbow of Emotion

Out of my mind flows blue

My wrists are red

My hands are shaking

I'm lost in my head

The thoughts will scream

And torment my mind

The blue rhythm flows

Says I will be fine

Baby Blue. Teal.

Aqua or royal

Or is crimson the color

As my blood starts to boil

The blue will grow bleak

The colors are fading

The papers my pallet

My pen is still waiting

For the colors to rush

Flood out of my eyes

Purple finds its way

To ruin the blue skys

Words and emotions

Will never be the same

Though colors and thoughts

May share the same name

The green is still hidden

The yellow is missing

The blue in my head

While the black lips are kissing

A rainbow, no

An explosion of thought

But the blue will stay with me

Like it or not

surreal poetry

About the author

Chase Gage

Poet. Journalist. Sports guy. Music dude.

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