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Circus Comes To Town

Spectacles Of Life

By zulfi buxPublished about a month ago 1 min read

Under the enormous top, where dreams take off,

A bazaar comes to town, a mystical sight.

The air is bursting at the seams with music and giggling,

As entertainers plan for their fantastic section.

Trapeze artists take off through the air with beauty,

Challenging gravity in a rich pursue.

Tightrope walkers track with consistent feet,

Adjusting on slight strings, a hypnotizing accomplishment.

Jokesters paint favors faces, both youthful and old,

With their shenanigans and jokes, an incredible sight.

Lions thunder and tigers sneak in their enclosures,

Magnificent animals caught on bazaar stages.

Elephants march with great walk,

Trunks held high in a magnificent state.

They trumpet their presence with an euphoric sound,

As they walk around and around, endlessly round.

In the background, the wizardry unfurls,

A group of entertainers, each with stories untold.

Their enthusiasm touches off the flash that lights up the evening,

As they share their gifts with unadulterated joy.

So come one, come all, to the bazaar around,

Where miracle and wonder are rarely let down.

For in this universe of sorcery and pleasure,

The bazaar gives pleasure that sparkles ever brilliant.

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