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A Mermaid's Love

Whispers Beneath The Waves

By zulfi buxPublished about a month ago 1 min read

In profundities where the sea kisses the sky,

A story of adoration unfurls, where mermaids murmur.

In the midst of coral reefs and turquoise tint,

Two hearts weaved, always evident.

She, an animal of the ocean's hug,

With scales that sparkle in evening glow's effortlessness.

He, a human bound to natural shore,

However attracted to her, forevermore.

Their adoration opposed the laws of land and ocean,

A bond taboo, yet bound to be.

He'd plunge underneath the waves to meet her look,

While she'd ascend to the surface, in twilight cloudiness.

Together they moved in the sea's swell,

An orchestra of affection nobody could subdue.

Their murmurs conveyed by the sea's tune,

An adoration so profound, it would never turn out badly.

However, as time elapsed, murmurs went to cries,

For mortal hearts are fragile, and love challenges.

As time passes, he felt the draw,

Of the land that called him, essence.

Their affection turned into a clashing hold back,

As he longed for earth, and she for the primary.

Eventually, they realized they couldn't remain,

For affection's sweet melody can once in a while disappear.

So with a last kiss underneath the moon's delicate light,

They bid goodbye, their hearts taking off.

For however they part, their affection will be for all time,

An immortal story of a mermaid and he.

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