A Poem


I remember in high school

I always used writing as a way to

Express my emotions

Because I had a hard time expressing them


So when I had a writing assignment,

I put a lot of feeling into that shit.

Hoping the teacher would

Love it

See my hard work

See my heart

Maybe even ask questions.

The day came that I got that

assignment back.



Picked apart,

“Incomplete sentences”

“Wrong tense”


Structural criticism at school was of course


But were my feelings still valid?

Makes me wonder.

Did they see?

Was I as small as I imagined?

I was only a cocooned bug at the time

Not knowing what I would be outside of my

Protective covering.

I wish I would have known

That I had the wrong instructions,

You know, being taught to be a cicada.

To follow the laws of science.

Only to come out of my


When I’m supposed to

Just like the others

Lemme tell you something.

I don’t

Even have


And I’ve mastered how to

Do whatever I put my mind to.

Whether it be to walk.

To run

Long distances.

To swim

Or jump.

I’ll give it my best.

But tell me I can’t?

I’ll bet.

nature poetry
Arielle Geiwitz
Arielle Geiwitz
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