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{Childhood: A Horror Movie}

by Felisca L 5 months ago in surreal poetry
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Reminiscing through a different lense

{Childhood: A Horror Movie}
Photo by Cederic Vandenberghe on Unsplash

Try to imagine my childhood as horror movie plots.

In horror movies, children play innocent

(As did I)

As a child, I create spin-offs to reality.

As a child, my instincts unknowingly

welcome delightful peril.

Naivety like anamorphosis,

Children in horror movies run in static fields,

(As did I)

I’m covered in dirt,

In time my knees bud a flowering bruise,

In distortion I laugh things off,

This neverending delusion or lack thereof.

Imagining my childhood as a horror movie,

Living in a mansion

Like flickering candles, running off to

My next adventures.

My childhood in horror movies,

Like constant Victorian thrills

Never thinking about winter chills

Firewood burns like curiosity.

Try and imagine this,

Creaks on the floorboards

Eerie whispers from the wind

Yet still I am oblivious,

Silenced in my whims.

At night with cautious steps,

I will check the closet

I will check under the bed

Protecting my sanctuary,

Until I grow up to realize the ghosts I left behind.

By Lorenz Hoffmann on Unsplash

surreal poetry

About the author

Felisca L

Originally from Indonesia, currently living in Vancouver BC. A horror and thriller enthusiast who hopes to make readers stay hooked in their seats! So grab your blankets and take a seat, there’s plenty more on this page to seek.

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