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Cherishing Time with Our Parents

Embracing Love, Life, and the Moments that Matter

By Emily Chan - Life and love sharingPublished about a month ago 2 min read
Cherishing Time with Our Parents
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Sometimes I wish I could turn back in time, and tell my parents never to get board from me again because sometimes I used to take them for granted.

Their unending prodding enticed me to avoid going home at times. But despite what felt like earnest affection, they seemed to be dragging me into nothing but annoyance.

Then it hit me: This was love tea, brewing in its harshest form as nagging. It made me realize how special the time that I spend with them is. The following quote – “And, as we know, life is not a dress rehearsal and good-byes can be forever” represents the theme that is true in real life.

The world is big, and dynamic: full of hope and disappointment, sincerity and deceit, kindness and cruelty, beauty and ugliness, and for better or worse, it will never remain the same.

It was alone with the Savings and Loan sign in a parking lot that might be empty in the new world [ … ] Familiar landmarks could disappear too. Just as a bud turns into a beautiful flower, I turned from a playful child into the person I am now.

For so long, I put my joy in the hands of different people and allowed them to decide if I was worthy of it. But that’s all well and good if you want to be unhappy and unfulfilled all your days.

As you maybe aware, you are the writer of your story- this means you get to choose your plot. And don’t let other people dictate how your life should be by taking the pen from your hand and writing over your life.

Life always appear infinite in duration and yet the world is ripe with the concept of infinity in time yet limited in space. We often ignore relationships where we greet again only to be sorry for saying farewell next time. Here, nothing lasts forever.

Substituting the resonance of substantive relationships with ephemeral infatuations exposes a society to eroding away the love of parents except for love. This is so different from the world where life keeps running and does not wait for anyone.

But still, there are no war cries of victory are there?: As if the old say ‘Let us enrich their golden period of life.’ The funny thing with life is that it is irreversible and this lesson cannot be learned without a tinge of regret.

Hence let thy dreams run, you are kind to yourself, and above all remember to appreciate your parents while they are alive. Family, that is why with them you have one.

Paraphrased, this statement exactly translates to ‘And in this life, there are no refund options on the ticket you have been sold.’

Thank you for reading!

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  • Dharrsheena Raja Segarranabout a month ago

    Hey, just wanna let you know that this is more suitable to be posted in the Families community 😊

Emily Chan - Life and love sharingWritten by Emily Chan - Life and love sharing

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