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Difference is a paradox.

By Fatma M RobinsonPublished 2 years ago 1 min read

Changes are par t of our existence. An existence that we ponder until our death.

Changes are a part of reality. A reality that can range from stupendous to quite disappointing.

Sometimes full,

Sometimes empty,






Sometimes falling,

Sometimes rising,


Miracles falling like raindrops watering the ground to grow and flourish making a deeper more meaningful eternity.


Life’s abyss,

Once in a while going Amiss,

Seemingly emotional turmoil,

Changing into love, peace, hope, happiness,

The right direction,

A higher plain,

A softer hour,

Don’t let life devour,

Remember fear is a liar,

Changes for the better.

Changes are our Existence.

surreal poetry

About the Creator

Fatma M Robinson

Hi, everybody calls me Tina. I have many degrees, but my passion is advocating and activism for climate change, animal awareness, homelessness, racism, and social change. Currently, I am a Peer Counselor.

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