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Celestial Dragon

When life calls, you answer.

By Casper TunesPublished 2 years ago 1 min read

At the heart of everything,

Anything can happen.

For the good of mankind,

It lays there napping.

The Angel demon

That only exists

In dreams, souls,

Or foggy mist.

Celestial dragon…

What are you made of?

Where did you come from?

Are where do you go, when the night is young?

Celestial dragon…

Can I hang on,

While I fly though space, on your scaly back?

Or are you ready to attack?

Celestial dragon.

Celestial dragon.

Never thought I would ever see.

Never thought it would be you and me.

I’m just a baby in your arms.

To us you will never do any harm.

Celestial dragon.


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About the Creator

Casper Tunes

I’m an avid writer, musician and lover of all things iron.

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