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Celebrating That I’m Fired


By Nazli CanPublished about a month ago 1 min read
Celebrating That I’m Fired
Photo by Felix on Unsplash

note: after I wrote this poem yesterday, today I was fired without even knowing it. life. https://vocal.media/poets/if-only-there-were-no-ifs-2

Yes, I held a position here.

Yes, too often I avoided risks.

Yet today, I proclaimed,

"They scarcely notice your existence."

Still, I hesitated.

Maybe I should shine more brightly,

But is it possible to regain esteem once it's lost?

What if he begins to instruct again?

"Perhaps lacking confidence,"

He will judge me as lacking.

Why must it always be an uphill battle?

What truly is success?

Seeking someone’s approval?

I've spent years evading failure.

And grew to resent who I saw in the mirror.

This is the end.

I chose to resign!

Oh, fired? Well then, ha!

The universe must have overheard—

Time to redefine success on my terms,

Celebrating my unplanned liberation!


About the Creator

Nazli Can

She is alive and every day she realizes how much life is worth living.

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