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Cause I’m Me, my Own self

I’m my own self

By SRenaSPublished 11 months ago 1 min read
Cause I’m Me, my Own self
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Flowers bloom like they glad,

They live their life in their pride,

Am I really part of their mind?


I’m not something that they can use,

Not something they can fuse,

Not something they can close.


I thought we were friends,

Not some trends,

But they used me for the grades.


All I wanted was true friends,

Friends who would be there for me,

Friends who would be happy for me,

Friends who would support me no matter what.

But was that too much ask?


In the search of true friends,

I made fake friends.

Friends who used me,

Friends who refused to support me,

Friends who couldn’t be happy for me.


Am I just a person they can use?

That they can throw when done,

Only to reuse it when needed?


Why did I change myself?

Why can’t I recognise myself anymore?

That was not like me.


But why didn’t I leave?

Why did I stay?

Maybe I knew why..


I tolerated it,

I ignored it,

I went along with it.


But not anymore.

I know my worth,

I know my value,

Even if they don’t.

I know what I can do

I won’t let them downgrade me no longer.

Cause I’m Me, my Own self.

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Comments (2)

  • Priya10 months ago

    Touching one! I too lost myself for making true friends.

SRenaSWritten by SRenaS

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