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Spoken Word

By Valerie RosePublished 5 years ago 1 min read

Born in a small nation surrounded by catastrophe

of epic proportions, but come on laugh with me

because I managed to get away from the atrocities

but about how about the millions liven in the crowded cities

they have no chance, but to live with the disaster

day after day while their human rights are being take away faster

then again, there was none to start with

A nation filled with corruption no one could stand it

Yet no one did anything about it

And if I say this out loud will they call me a revolutionist

and then threaten to kill me, not even a therapist

could fix that kind of damage, so will I be forever scared

to take a stance against injustice has anyone even dared

to speak out against these criminals that call themselves leaders

that did nothing but lead us to the downfall of our own land

which we fought so hard for, and we bled so much for

well if you ask me, I say start a revolution

but they'll say hows that even a solution

because those people will just shut us out like some circus clown

but I'll say we'll still rise up, nothing can bring us down

slam poetry

About the Creator

Valerie Rose

Journalist. Artist. Poet.

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