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The Kind of Love

Spoken Word

By Valerie RosePublished 6 years ago 1 min read

See I want the kind of love that sets me free

like falling from a very tall tree

but sometimes love sucks sorta like my rhymes

its takes away all you give but I guess it ain't no crime

that I can hold love against I just wish it were perfect

but hey nothing in this universe is without defect

see I want the kind of love that makes me believe

that no matter how much I screw up love will still make me re live

all the good memories I once had

see I want the kind of love that embraces me for all my flaws

being this short makes me insecure sometimes but love will look past it all

because love does not judge love doesn't care how you look or dress or talk

see I want the kind of love that gives me butterflies in my stomach

that every time I see love it will make me fall in love all over again

and even if its been twenty years love will give me those butterflies again

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Valerie Rose

Journalist. Artist. Poet.

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