Caged Animal


Caged Animal

You're beating my heart to death,

I feel I am living on borrowed breath.

You have locked me in your room,

Telling me you'll come back soon.

I am lying on the bed,

Trying to figure out how I'm going to get out of this.

You just want to use me,

Control and abuse me.

Your hands are cold to my skin,

I feel you clawing your way in.

With every breath I take,

I am trying to swallow pain.

Letting it set inside,

Making it the fuel of my hate.

Can I play now? You ask,

As if you're actually going to listen.

You say I am beautiful,

As my fresh bruises shine and glisten.

Proving my biggest fear,

I am losing control here.

This pain is all I can think about,

I really need to find a way out.

You want me to be your tamed pet,

But I am not that far gone yet.

I can feel myself slipping,

My emotions need a vent.

Talking to you is so pointless,

There is no way around this messed up charade.

I am so weak already,

Just let me sleep this away.

Then I will wake up smiling

My charm will be so beguiling.

You will never touch me again,

This is my last chance to win.

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