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Society's Neglected Souls.

By Johnpaul Okwudili Published 24 days ago 1 min read
Photo by Shail Sharma on Unsplash

In the city's heart, where dreams are sold
like cheap trinkets on crowded streets,
lies a shadow realm unseen,
where the poor dwell in silence.

Their dreams, fragile as spun glass,
shatter against the harsh reality
of concrete indifference and steel ambition.
They tread softly, unseen, unheard.

In the early morning haze,
they gather in invisible corners,
their faces etched with stories
of resilience and quiet desperation.

They are the forgotten ones,
cast aside by society’s blind eye,
lives measured in empty stomachs
and threadbare hope.

In the alleys where darkness lingers,
they find solace in fleeting moments
of shared warmth and whispered dreams,
their voices echoing in the night.

But the city, relentless and unforgiving,
marches on without pause or pity,
its towering monuments of wealth
casting long shadows over their existence.

They navigate a labyrinth of policies
written in ink that doesn’t bleed,
barriers erected with indifference,
closing doors to opportunity.

Yet amidst the rubble of broken promises,
they plant seeds of resilience,
watered by tears of determination
and nurtured by whispers of solidarity.

For every empty promise,
they fashion their own path
with hands calloused by labor,
hearts heavy but unbroken.

Their dreams, though battered and bruised,
refuse to be extinguished,
like flickering flames in the wind,
they dance defiantly against the night.

So listen closely, world of stone and steel,
to the symphony of broken dreams
played softly by those
who refuse to be silenced.

For their voices, though whispered,
carry the weight of generations,
their stories woven into the fabric
of a tapestry unseen, yet enduring.

In the quiet moments before dawn,
when the city sleeps and dreams stir,
remember the souls who wander
beneath the neon glare.

Their dreams may be broken,
but their spirits remain unyielding,
etched into the heartbeat
of a society yet to awaken.


This poem aims to evoke deep emotions and contemplation about the treatment of the poor in society, highlighting their resilience and the harsh realities they face amidst societal indifference.

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Comments (1)

  • Alex H Mittelman 24 days ago

    Fantastic poem! Well written!

Johnpaul Okwudili Written by Johnpaul Okwudili

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