by Kayla Roses 2 years ago in sad poetry

Love is not always key...

I was numb, just a little bit frozen.

"You are beautiful." They said

I brought the knife to my skin as it bled.

"You are smart." They thought

Each day holding onto a bottle of pills as I fought.

"You are perfect." They praised

Each night the noose was tied and raised.

The days became nights as darkness overlooked sight.

The mind overbearing in thought all around,

As love became nothing but a rainy cloud.

The smile upon my lips had disappeared,

And the monster holding on all around me once again I feared.

"Your mind is damaged." They said

So why am I alive and awake in bed?

"Your heart is torn." They came up with

Is that why I drown in my tears and soak in my own filth?

"Your soul is broken." They cried

No... my soul has died.

Broken is a mask to hide what you have done to me.

Broken is the excuse you have given to let it be.

If you're gonna tell me, let me tell you what I see.

I see demons sucking the life out of the leftover souls,

Dark winged creatures walking on fiery hot coals.

And dark clouds surrounding the skies,

As tears poured down from peoples cries.

There is nothing left for me,

As my last tear dropped blinding me to see.

The future that was in store,

Has disappeared and is no more.

In the distance was faint screams,

Taking over the retched dreams.

My eyes had cleared,

And it was what I feared.

What I never wanted to be, what I wanted to see...

Was me...

sad poetry
Kayla Roses
Kayla Roses
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Kayla Roses

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