Break up with Your Girlfriend

by Abbey Winslow 10 months ago in love poems

Inspired by the Song by Ariana Grande

Break up with Your Girlfriend

oh, shit

why does this always happen to me?

I look across the crowded room

a sea full of people

at the party

to finally lock eyes with a handsome man's longing gaze

who is staring back at me

like he wants me

the look of the purest, most simple desire

a feeling so strong

it could not be contained

and when i see the look in his eyes;

when I meet his gaze,

I think that maybe

just maybe

he's into me

like I'm into him

and then

to my demise

I see her standing there.

and in that moment, I know that

I don't stand a chance.

love poems
Abbey Winslow
Abbey Winslow
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Abbey Winslow

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