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Break Up in a Digital Age

by Andrew C McDonald about a month ago in surreal poetry / social commentary / sad poetry / love poems / heartbreak
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Introspection on heartbreak in the internet world

Break Up in a Digital Age
Photo by Yeshi Kangrang on Unsplash

She’s still in my contact list, I almost texted her today

Though I had no idea what I would send or say

I thought I was in love, but she had different dreams

Reached in my chest, shredded my heart at the seams

Now I have pictures on Facebook, tweets on my phone

Which I look at and read whilst crying alone

I play with pixels and fonts and post a few memes

Facebook, Twitter, SnapChat, SCREAMS

I love to hate her and hate to love her

Not long ago my heart held no one above her

Today there’s someone new on her profile pic

In a new relationship, the thought makes me sick

I can’t really blame him, I know the power of her gaze

She’d just look at me and I’d be in a daze

Was she already seeing him before she tore me apart?

Was I blind to the signs, or just not very smart?

My family and friends all told me she wasn’t any good

Leave her before she destroys you – they all said I should

But I lived for her each day, dreamed of her each night

So far under my skin, with any dissenter I would fight

Now I have no one but the internet to reach out to

Friends of ex-friends with nothing better to do

So, to these random people - a universe of strangers - I rant

Still, properly express my sorrow and pain I find that I can’t

Most just give platitudes and tell me to move on

But they don’t know where I’ll be come the next dawn

Now I post one last pic with Public Privacy, this gun in my hand

Will she cry when she reads the caption: “Goodbye to this cold, cruel land”?

surreal poetrysocial commentarysad poetrylove poemsheartbreak

About the author

Andrew C McDonald

Andrew McDonald is a 30 year 911 dispatcher in Florida. He resides with his wife of 35+ years. Upon earning his B.S. in Applied Mathematics at Florida Institute of Technology, Mr. McDonald served as an officer in the U.S. Army 1985 to 1992.

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  • Valentina Savageabout a month ago

    Well written ! Thanks for sharing. Take a look at my stories :) thank you

  • Brenton Fabout a month ago

    Every third or fourth line my inner dialog was "been there done that"! A heartfelt and extremely relatable tale we all share at one time or another (if we are lucky!) Kudos!

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