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Love in the sight of a pessimist.

By DamilolaPublished 2 years ago 1 min read
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I don’t know what I’m about to sacrifice

how many sessions I’m going to have, talking in circles about the aftermath, when we haven’t even begun

I don’t know how many nights I’d spend in your arms

talking about the future, reminiscing about the past, creating fond memories and dancing in the dark

how many countries we’d visit, how many mountains we’d climb, how many locks we’d leave at bridges, how many cuisines we’d try

I don’t know what future we’ve chosen

how many kids we’d conceive, how many we’d lose, how many nights I’d spend in tears, how many messages will be left unread, how unrequited your love might be

I don’t know who we were in our past lives

if I’d be your karma or your peace, if I was a boy and you were a girl, if we’re just revisiting and amending, if I had hurt you or if you had hurt me

I don’t know what’s on your mind

what you think of me, how you see me, what you see in me, if you see yourself in me, if you see me at all

I don’t know who you are

what your name is, how you like your coffee, if you eat your burger before your chips, what you think about angels and demons, and everything in between

I don’t know if you’re an aloof Aquarius

a sentimental Pisces, a philosophical Saggitarius, a stubborn Capricorn, or if you think astrology is bullshit

But still I’m lured into the fire in your eyes, begging to get burnt

with every ounce of bravery in my heart, even though this might be the beginning of a long therapy session, in years to come.

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