got doxxed really bad bout to vanish this is fiction😁 or 1


geneva convention
stalking issues
the power of suggestion
unauthorized testing
multiindustry treatise

much too tired no sleep have to find a hotel.
that i can afford.
im waiting because im doing a social expiriment thus the pictures colors for my cover letter. y not fight shadows with shadows. when things go bump in the night.
tied. suburban vs kia. but the overwhelming response
na just a prop
reasonable doubt
police hallucination so know ur enemy.
and the enemy is niggas like me apparently. i found something to focus on.

info suppression miranda
c i just want answers of course its a
game when its permanent old like chess
dusty like wine
pouting on a pokemongo
kia and sub r a caravaan im waiting on him to get done with his shift
my man works so hard.
ram made daily
if im acting odd i just want to play in the parade
he knocks im floored
i just found out my dad died.
his spirits all around me.

i always win this game
for a reason keep ur paws
and snout off my dash
no time to b poetic
theres been a tragedy
he nutted.
if i keep tweaking does everyone get points
cause i got sum a lil better
and thats love
how can i ever know if im myself
know this
we are not the same
but likewise
u got rules to follow
made to b broken
all 4 u bu
l l e c ture
on yt ting
s bb
cough high ra
te rr or is ti c
this is a long show
can i change the channel?
thats on u i believe
somethings dont run out
the ground is vibrating
or i could lie and say i cant bear
life anymore
im in the car cause i dont like photos
but i care wont b snuck got me fd up
headlights last a long time
strangers make me nervous
and they skip hand in hand cracking jokes merrily down the lawn
can i get paid for parking diagonally near a cruiser an omen fee
y so salty nothing happened.
imma get drunk
its legal to b drunk in a car
yall having a convention.
ur not watching
coincidence is kicking ur
behind im pretty lucky
id say spoiled
i have a eye condition
bright lights bother me
in real life
u gon tag team a ho.
u know
a placebo
we just want u into the story
im looking for the cheapest gas in america
but to get there the next cheapest as long as the chain goes its kind of a tricky math problem
i need to wear a burqa and live in an opaque bubble in ur story
suck my dick carson
better things to do
chief carson sneered
except he had the interview scrubbed
im not feeling creative today
does joking really entail togetherness
i want the depths of ur soul to posess
the input method
decode and coterize
u kno cause im human
and anything is possible
why did u hurt the taxi feelings
i wonder if
no words
or no thought
paranoia is bad but was worth it
pub dec con sen sus
mean shadow ppl
i have a jailphobia
i can never come back here again.
remember that.
its kina sad but it works for me

slam poetry
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