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bird song

sing a song

By Adeel ArifPublished 6 months ago 1 min read
bird song
Photo by Ryk Naves on Unsplash

In the realm of nature's symphony,

Where melodies soar on wings so free,

There lies a treasure, sweet and pure,

A song that echoes, a joy secure.

High above, where the heavens meet,

A chorus of feathers takes its seat,

The birds, the minstrels of the sky,

In their harmonies, the spirit can fly.

Oh, listen closely, with eager ear,

To the ballad that brings hearts near,

For in the cadence of their refrain,

Lies the magic that eases every pain.

With dawn's first light, they greet the morn,

Their melodies, like colors adorn,

Each note a brushstroke, soft and clear,

Painting a world that's filled with cheer.

The robin, with its cheerful trill,

Awakens sleepy valleys and hills,

Its song, a promise of new beginnings,

A symphony that nature keeps on singing.

The nightingale, with its haunting tune,

Serenades beneath a silver moon,

Its melodies weave tales of love,

Inspiring hearts to rise above.

The lark, with wings that kiss the breeze,

Sings of freedom among the trees,

Its joyful notes, a soaring flight,

Guiding spirits to realms of light.

And in the forest, a hidden voice,

A songbird with melodies to rejoice,

Its vibrant hues and gentle trill,

A melody that can heal and fulfill.

For in the bird song's gentle flow,

Lies a language that only the heart can know,

A language that transcends all divide,

Uniting souls, side by side.

So, let us cherish this gift bestowed,

The bird song's magic that nature sowed,

For in its music, we find our place,

A symphony of grace and embrace.

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  • Real Poetic6 months ago

    So lovely. You just earned a new subscriber.

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