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Best friend Expectations

What it’s like to have a true bestfriend

By Reem ElhajPublished 2 years ago 2 min read

A best friend is a person who helps when you need it,

A best friend is a person who lights up your world when it needs to be lit.

The word love has many different meanings,

The word love is known to always be gleaming.

I didn’t find a word to describe how it feels

Instead I found a person, i found a girl that reveals.

Reveals what it’s like to not feel alone,

Reveals what it’s like to not feel like you have a heart of stone.

I was very independent, that’s what I learned.

Until I found a girl and oh how the tables did turn.

She taught me how to love and what it feels like to love someone,

She taught me how to make sure that love was a real one.

She is and will always be my ride or die,

She is there for me when I cry.

She is my always and forever,

She hasn’t been there for me less than never.

Find a girl like her and all your problems are solved,

Find a girl like her and you will never be left untold.

Untold of what love truly does feel like,

Untold of how easy it is, like learning to ride a bike.

However you must be in control of how much you give,

In worry that you will learn, learn to live.

Learn to live alone and lost,

Learn to live in your cost.

Find a girl like her and you will never worry,

She will never tell you to say sorry.

This ‘she’ is a very important person,

She is beyond special, that I am most certain.

She puts in much effort just to make you smile,

You must do the same at every while.

You give her what she gives you,

Which is constant attention and check ups too.

She is so beautiful in every way shape and form,

And the fact that she doesn’t see that makes me so very torn.

She keeps me from overthinking,

She keeps me from sinking.

I love this girl and she loves me,

I know that from the very beneath.

I’ve had many friends in my life,

But they ended up fading with every strife.

I can cry with you, laugh for endless hours with you,

Find something to laugh about from across the room.

The bond that we share,

Is beyond compare.

The love that we show,

Will only grow.

More and more as every year goes by,

We will stay by each other until the day that we die.

Hey hiba, I love you dearly,

Not even a little close to merely.

Keep smiling like you do,

Keep going like you tell me too.

I will always be by your side,

I will always be there to guide.

You made me the person I aspired to be,

You made me…me.

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