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Before Pictur

by Emery Pine 15 days ago in inspirational



“Before Picture”

Did you take a before picture?

Why not?

How thoughtless.

Now you won't see.

Now you can't see,

See the difference,

The difference the make up makes.

It will make you beautiful.

It will make you average looking.

It will make you approachable.

It will make you decent to look upon.

It will make you beautiful.

It will make you decent.

Now you have no picture,

No picture to look back on.

No picture to emphasize your improvements.

No picture to highlight,

Highlight your newly covered flaws,

Flaws and imperfections.

No picture to remind yourself

How pretty you now are,

And how not you were before.

If I need a picture,

A picture to highlight my improved face,

A picture to highlight my imperfections,

Then I don't want one.

I want to be happy

With the face I had before the mask came on.

If I need a picture

To be all those things,

To be beautiful,

To be noticed,

To be gorgeous,

To be stunning,

To be decent,

To be close to average,

To be decent and not entirely disgraceful to look upon,

Then I don't want to be those things.

If I need a picture,

A picture to make me these things,

Then I don't want to be them,

For being these things infers

That I'm not enough,

That I must conform to societal normalities,

That I am nothing without the physical standards that this race we call humanity

Has come to expect and only respect,

That I am unworthy of respect or love without matching this new expected mask.

They say they've raised the standards,

Raised confidence.

They've only lowered the confidence,

And now I'm raising the bar.

I will not conform,

Conform to your

Standards and expectations.

I will not conform,

Conform to your

Sense of societal norms and acceptance and

Your expectations.

If this is what society has come to,

I'm disappointed

With what we've come to.

If this is what society has come to expect,

Then it's not an expectation I am going to at all make an effort to meet.

If I need a picture,

A picture to remind me of the flaws I hide,

Then I will not take this picture.

I'm proud of my flaws

That society wants me to hide.

This is my face,

And I'd rather keep MY face,

Not the face that

Society has come to demand from me.

Some demands

Cannot be fulfilled.

This will be one of those demands,

A demand that will not be completed.

Because I don't understand.

I don't understand

Why we have all become so hateful and judging.

I don't understand

The disgust that fills our hearts when we see someone who we believe doesn't meet society's view of beautiful.

If I can only be beautiful when I'm wearing a mask,

I'd rather be the ugliest thing alive.

If I can only be gorgeous when being fake and society's puppet,

Then I'd rather be the puppet who broke free from their string.

Society has a death grip,

A death grip that must be broken before it's too late.

Society will destroy itself with the standards it's come to expect.

This world will go down if beautiful flames

And be left in

Beautiful chaos.

And all because it's come to expect us to hide our stunning imperfections.

Society expects us to

Be perfect

And make ourselves perfect.

Society expects us to

Paint on a stranger's face everyday

To make our face look perfect

And starve ourselves until our bodies look just as perfect.

Little does society know

That perfection is what

Caused the downfall of Lucifer.

Lucifer was an angel,

But the perfection went to his head and made him feel superior to those mere mortals,

And forced him from Heaven,

And sent him plummeting to Hell.

Little does society know that

Perfection is the biggest imperfection.

Society spends so much energy

Hiding it's flaws.

But little does it know that in the meantime,

It's creating the biggest imperfection of all.

I don't want a picture,

If it's purpose is to remind me of the person that society is trying to hide,

Hide because of the shame,

Of the shame my face causes.

Well you know what?

Be ashamed.

Of yourself, society.

Be ashamed of the blindness you've caused.

If my face ashames you,


Then I'm proud.

Be ashamed.

I will not conform

To society's standards and

Definition of beauty.

I don't want the before picture,

Just my picture.

Emery Pine
Emery Pine
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Emery Pine

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