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Beauty love poem

William Shakespeare

By Peculiar BeautyPublished 2 months ago 3 min read

Shall I draw a comparison between you and a summer's day? Indeed, you surpass the beauty and mildness of such days. Harsh winds may disturb the tender buds of May, and summer's duration is often too brief. At times, the eye of heaven shines intensely, but its golden radiance is frequently obscured. Beauty, in its natural course, may sometimes decline, influenced by the changing seasons. Yet, your eternal summer shall not fade, nor shall you lose possession of that fairness which you possess. Death cannot boast that you dwell in its shadow, for you are preserved in eternal verses, defying the passage of time. As long as people breathe and gaze upon your eyes, this verse shall endure, giving life to your essence.

Let me not admit obstacles to the union of true minds in matrimony. Love is not true love if it changes when confronted with alterations or bends to the will of those who seek to remove it. No, true love is an unwavering mark, steadfast in the face of storms and unshaken. It is the guiding star to every wandering ship, its value immeasurable, though its height can be measured. Love is not subject to the whims of time; your rosy lips and cheeks are not affected by the passing hours and weeks. Love endures until the very edge of doom. If this be a mistake, and it can be proven so, then I have never written, and no one has ever loved.

In moments of misfortune, when the world views me with disdain, I, alone, lament my castaway state, troubling the deaf heavens with futile cries. I contemplate my own reflection and curse my fate, desiring to be like one blessed with hope and adorned with friends. Coveting the skills of one and the opportunities of another, discontent creeps into my soul. Yet, in these moments of self-reproach, I find solace in the remembrance of you. My thoughts ascend to the gates of heaven, singing hymns in celebration of your sweet love. Such memories bring wealth, making me disdainful of exchanging my state even with kings.

The eyes of my beloved hold no resemblance to the sun; her lips are not as red as coral. Her breasts are not white as snow, and her hair, though black, is not like wires. I have witnessed roses with hues of red and white, yet such roses I do not see in her cheeks. Some perfumes offer greater delight than the breath emanating from my beloved, but still, I delight in hearing her speak. Although I acknowledge that music has a more pleasing sound, I have never seen a goddess walk on the ground. By heaven, I consider my love as rare as any, and I resist false comparisons that would seek to belittle her true essence.

This sonnet beautifully explores the enduring nature of love and the poet's admiration for their beloved. Comparing the beloved to a summer's day, the poet declares that their beauty surpasses the loveliness of nature. Despite the challenges presented by time and changing seasons, the beloved's eternal summer will never fade.

The sonnet then delves into the steadfastness of true love, emphasizing its constancy in the face of alterations and challenges. Love is depicted as an unchanging mark that remains unshaken, a guiding star for every wandering soul. The poet dismisses any impediments to the union of true minds in matrimony, asserting that true love endures beyond the edge of doom.

In moments of personal despair, the poet expresses discontent with their own state and a desire to possess the hope and companionship enjoyed by others. However, these feelings are transformed into a celebration of the wealth brought by the sweet remembrance of the beloved. The poet finds solace in thoughts of the beloved, singing hymns at heaven's gate and cherishing the enduring nature of their love.

The sonnet also explores the speaker's admiration for their beloved's unique qualities. While acknowledging that the beloved's eyes, lips, and other features may not conform to conventional standards of beauty, the poet finds unmatched value in these distinctive attributes. The beloved becomes an exceptional and rare love, defying false comparisons and standing as a testament to the poet's profound affection.

In summary, this sonnet encapsulates the themes of enduring love, steadfastness, and the unmatched beauty found in unique qualities. It celebrates the constancy of true love in the face of challenges and emphasizes the poet's unwavering admiration for their beloved, who transcends conventional notions of beauty.

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