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Beautiful Soul

From Within

By Nikki Say it NowPublished 4 years ago 1 min read

The voices in her head makes her go insane.

She cannot stand the pain.

The pain is like a deadly virus injected inside of her vein.

In one split second, she will go insane.

Making her way through men who wants a piece of her thigh.

Makes her want to cry.

Beautiful soul she has become.

Never will they see the fight in her so they expect nothing to come.

I have lived my life like this girl’s chaos.

Where my life has been put on a pause.

Where my pride was long gone.

This girl and I are the same.

When we look at each other in the mirror, we feel shame.

We do admit that we hate seeing each other.

To love ourselves, why do we bother.

We get pushed into the dirt until we have a mouthful.

With no knowledge of what we are doing with our beautiful soul.

We continue to let the ones who hate us treat us like shit.

And wonder if we faded away from this cold society that we will ever be missed.

We thought about ending our lives in this cold society.

Thinking that happiness is an illusion to our fantasy.

Our beautiful souls had turned gray at one time.

Telling people, we are fine when we were not fine.

I, myself, see this reflection and see a twin.

With a mindset to lose but never to win.


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Nikki Say it Now

Hello my name is Nikki. I have two blog sites; one is my poetry blog site and the other is my news media blog site. My dreams is to be a journalist.

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