Be Part of the Art

Just a little dog

Be Part of the Art

Cross the threshold of voyeurism and become the scenery

Find your place in this masterpiece along life's journey

Those times you can find yourself in the frame of the present

Are the memories that never fade from your true evanescence

Touch the rain when it falls

Taste the snow on your tongue

Sing along with the thunder

Burn your heart to the sun

Lose your mind in the ocean

Run barefoot through the sand

Become part of the art

Hold the soil in your hand

Paint with the leaves and the berries and bark

All of these things that you feel in your heart

nature poetry
Renee Belden
Renee Belden
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Renee Belden

 I have spent decades traveling the United States as a carnie. I began my own business  last year.

My greatest aspiration is to write a poem that lives forever.

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