Battling Anxiety

poem by Sharon "Shayla" Barnhart

Battling Anxiety
Photo by Sithamshu Manoj on Unsplash

Sun rise over the horizon of the ocean level.

Days are ready to start, how will it go?

Standing in the sand barefoot;

Watching the sun, and

Hearing the water

Smoothes my anxiety.

Water that moves to the shore

Waves rise higher, higher, soaring.

As if it reaching for the sky up above

Only to be pull back,

Repeatedly as if it was nervous.

"Is it anxious?" I asked myself?

It seem like it look for something,

Is it out of reach or is it retreating?

Maybe it just does not know how to calm itself?

Always rushing into emotional choas,

With minds so unstable

Enough to realized the damaged was done.

May the days linger.

as the sun start to set.

Night shadow grows darker

As the water start to settle as it giving up the search for the day.

Although, it doesn't stop my mind from running all day.

Therefore, wishing the oceans was more of my brain

To be calm at the end of the day.

Then, I could be manage it just as the nature does.

It hit me, this is nature way of life.

I guess it mean, I am normal in the way of life.

It okay to be a bit of a mess, I have ways of expressing truely

recongized my authetic self.

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Shayla Barnhart
Shayla Barnhart
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