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by Amber Nasers 3 years ago in art
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Life is about balance

There once was a shadow who grew from a fire within

Born out of blistering heat

That would burn all those who came near

And out of ash would suffocate anyone that dared.

Voided --

Her soul was trapped in this casket

Covered in dreaded roses

But none of their edges.

She would say that how she was caged was the most foul

For those who had trapped her created beauty

But she was sorrow

She didn't want to be known as something that is romanticized.

She was destruction

And meant to be that way for balance

But the ones in the light simply didn't understand

So in fear they made her less than what she was meant to be.

This created chaos

Something the earth never intended there to be

For violence broke out among those who lived in the light

As well as those who were born in the dark.

Their sides clashed

Blood spilled

Emotions oozed while the skeletons fell

All because the earth was no longer balanced

As those living never truly understood why the shadows had to exist in the first place


About the author

Amber Nasers

I'm a g student who is working toward all the dreams that I have made over the last 22 years. My life hasn't necessarily been easy nor has it been difficult, but I still have gained valuable lessons that I hope to share.

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