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Dear Mind

by Amber Nasers 3 years ago in inspirational
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A letter

Dear Mind

I know I have been rather hard on you lately

But you have given me no choice

For you keep making all the same mistakes

Over and over

Being a destructive force that just hurts those around you.

And you doing so is breaking me

So all I can do is destroy you in the process too

In hopes you realize change is needed

To be the best version of yourself

And I know you're in the dark right now

Feeling all self doubt and no self confidence

Making it seem like your hauntings are suffocating you.

For what is your worth?

What is your strength?

When all you feel like is sinking into your shadow so all the tears can be muffled.

You are nothing you may think

And maybe you are right

But to become something you need to learn those hardships so here's me giving you hardships.

It will make you stronger, I know that with you

And then you can trust me again

For I know how vulnerable you feel and how angry you are at me

But I've known you since birth as you've known me

And when in the long run have I let you down?

Since we lift each other up no matter the costs.

And know we are not alone

So it's okay to be broken

It's okay to be vulnerable

For we are loved by the most special person

Who is here for us when we are both hurting.


Your heart


About the author

Amber Nasers

I'm a g student who is working toward all the dreams that I have made over the last 22 years. My life hasn't necessarily been easy nor has it been difficult, but I still have gained valuable lessons that I hope to share.

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