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B & B

She was the rose, he was the thorn

By Crystal RaePublished about a year ago 1 min read
B & B
Photo by Sarah Dao on Unsplash

Her heart was the essence of the meaning of gold

His was the overthinking, scorned description of cold

They both had dreams, most often of times, on opposite sides

Brought on by fears of a world fueled with lies

What were they to do

What would they become

Was there life for them after decades of feeling numb

Who knew

Who would care

Unknowing people snooping into their personal affairs

It really didn't matter what the outside world would say

He had this look that went beyond her eyes into her soul

No one else has ever looked at her that way

It was as if their DNA knew it was all meant to be

Yet, both wild inside felt caged at times, longing to be free

It was then in the glory of the moment of living on their own

That both their hearts knew the only place they ever could feel whole

Was hand in hand, side by side, together, with the only real best friend

they would ever know

I know it sounds silly

But his tough, rough, and hard complimented her smooth, soft, and kind

Presented them both with a life where they could willingly unwind

He was her beast in his own shadows

She was his beauty for all the world to discover

He was her fighter and she was his lover

B & B might just be the best love story ever

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Crystal Rae

My heart bleeds black and white for you to read like an open book... so don't be shy... take a look!

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