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By BelalPublished 2 months ago β€’ 1 min read

Bold bison bask in beams of bright,

Blades of brown bend in breeze with might.

Beneath big blue, birds bounce and bite,

Blending beauty in blissful sight.

Benevolent bees buzz by beds of blooms,

Bouncing from bud to bloom with booms.

Beneath blue skies, butterflies zoom,

Bidding farewell to winter's gloom.

Bald branches bend beneath the breeze,

Breaking brittle bark with ease.

Beneath brown leaves, beetles freeze,

Bathing in nature's symphonies.

Beneath black clouds, bolts of bright,

Blaze and burst with fierce delight.

Bountiful blessings, brought by night,

Burst forth with glory, oh what a sight.

Bound by beauty, bathed in bliss,

Bathed in bountiful nature's kiss.

Beneath the stars, all worries miss,

Bowing down to nature's bliss

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