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Awakening Of The River.

Emotions go hey wire

By Lilian KinuthiaPublished 4 months ago 2 min read
Awakening Of The River.
Photo by Salinee Chot on Unsplash

Awakening of the River of Emotions

In depths unknown, a river lies,

Where emotions flow, swift and wise.

A dormant force, awakened now,

A symphony of feelings, I avow.

From its source, deep within my heart,

The river starts, a vital part.

Its waters calm, untouched by light,

A secret realm, hidden from sight.

But as the dawn paints the sky in gold,

The river stirs, its story unfolds.

A gentle ripple, a subtle shift,

The awakening begins to lift.

First, a trickle of joy appears,

Like crystal drops, dispelling fears.

A tender laughter, light as air,

A warming sun, so soft and fair.

Then comes the current of love so grand,

Sweeping through, like a gentle hand.

A torrent of passion, deep and wide,

Unleashing love, like a swelling tide.

But with the light, shadows creep,

A melancholy river, running deep.

Sorrow weaves its bittersweet song,

Whispering of loss, lingering long.

The river twists and turns, ebbs and flows,

A tumultuous journey it undergoes.

Anxiety dances with uncertainty,

Turbulent waves crashing incessantly.

Yet amidst the chaos, hope shines bright,

A beacon of light, piercing the night.

With each sunrise, the river renews,

A phoenix rising, shedding old hues.

Courage surges forth, like a raging stream,

Breaking through barriers, a vibrant gleam.

The river roars, as strength takes hold,

Empowering me, making me bold.

And in the depths of this river's core,

An understanding I can't ignore.

The emotions that surge and flow within,

Are the essence of what makes me human.

For life's tapestry is woven with feeling,

Every hue, every shade, every revealing.

The river of emotions, a sacred guide,

Navigating the currents, side by side.

So let the river flow, unbridled and free,

An awakening, a true symphony.

Embrace the waves, surrender and trust,

For within the river, we find our gust.

In a thousand words, I've tried to convey,

A stirring in my heart I feel,

An awekening of emotions so real.

A rush of love,so pure and real,

Every feeling overwhelming my brain

Forever grateful for the feeling.

Joy that bubbles up inside,

A warm embrace that I cant hide.

The beauty of the world I see,

Emotions flow so wild and free.

The awakening of emotions, day by day.

Through joy and love, sorrow and strife,

The river of emotions, the essence of life.

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About the Creator

Lilian Kinuthia

Thank you for stopping by. Your presence here gives me great joy to learn that someone is reading about me and is interested in my writing. thank you very much .To me writing is therapeutic let us read together and appreciate writing..

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