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Awaiting the Verdict

The Tension of Exam Results Day

By Nicho CarsonPublished 30 days ago 1 min read

In silent halls, where echoes softly tread,

Across the anxious faces, worry spread.

Papers stacked, the efforts of a year,

Now distilled to numbers, drawing near.

Whispers flutter like unsettled birds,

As hands clutch hopes, too deep for words.

Each heart a drum, beat syncs with time,

As seconds stretch, the steep hill climb.

The screen lights up—a beacon in dim light,

A mix of dread and hope, held tight.

Names roll down, a waterfall of fates,

A breath held captive by unseen gates.

Some with cheers, where dreams align,

Others sigh, their hopes to realign.

Tears of joy, some of despair,

The weight of numbers, stark and bare.

Yet, beyond this moment’s piercing gaze,

Lies uncharted paths, a thousand ways.

For numbers fade, but courage stays,

To lift us up from tangled maze.

So stand we must, with hearts afire,

Beyond results, our dreams aspire.

For we are more than marks or grades,

In life’s vast book, our story’s page.

- Nicho


About the Creator

Nicho Carson

Addicted to Results. Teacher at UPSC. Training IAS Students. You can check my teaching results at UPSC results.

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    Nicho CarsonWritten by Nicho Carson

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