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Atop a tall tree house

by Srinidhi Ranganathan 2 years ago in nature poetry
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A writer finds a tall tree house an ideal place to write poetry

Atop a tall tree house
Photo by Zona Rismanda on Unsplash

Atop a tall tree house

He starts to write,

Of his lavish brilliant life

In short sweet poems

He writes and writes

In company of the birds

In company of the woodpecker

Who pecks on the tree

He writes and writes,

Dreaming, thinking & brooding

As his thoughts fly and scatter

Rapidly in all different directions

He writes and writes,

From noon to the sunset

And finally finishes his work,

When the sun is about to set

He then closes his book

And kisses his notebook

as takes it gently in his hand

He takes his pen

Places it in his pocket

& watches the road below

At last,

He climbs down the tree

Buries his notebook

In the rocks & sand under

& he takes a new book from his bag

& he walks on with his pen in hand

To continue his strange wondrous journey

To find other tree houses &

To find other tall trees..

nature poetry

About the author

Srinidhi Ranganathan

I hold a degree in English Literature. I love reading books and writing is my passion. "Dream of Rainbows" is my first book for children. I love to write fiction, non-fiction and blog articles on popular topics. Happy reading!

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