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As Time Watches

by Amy Christie 13 days ago in inspirational
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I heal

One leaf that fell,

at the wrong time,

one word

that hurt

more than a blade,

daggers fly in the dark

it's sunny, but the night

stays deep

buried in heart

that never strayed

and yet,

it came undone.


I wanted to believe

there were still kindred souls

that home was here, and no harm

could befall among walls that knew,

loved every step.

Storm came inside,

why did you open door

to thunder

and the plight

coming on waves higher than trust

floating beyond compassion?


I know not

how to swim

when marsh melts wonder

into loss,

forgiveness into unknown embers

of what I used to be.


Trying to come into moonlight

meant leaving part of hurt


it stays in shadow,

waits for chance

to snatch last candle

before dawn.


Can I still hope

to meet a hand

to help, be loved

to smile,

see sun shining inside

I wish, I yearn,

I hold

one surrender unraveled

the path fate set

before me.


I build another road,

this bridge

isn't standing on dreams.

Dark wishes turned to fire

burned low until they grew

taller than clouds,

this bridge won't crumble

with moonshine,

I make my own way in the night,

is there a ray of sunlight

that still loves me

as I once was,

still want to be,

if only morning butterflies

dare rest close,

on my shoulders.


Still me, anguish and candor

bright in each rain

I once loved

and was loved

in turn,

dancing with destiny

brought back

anger, the curse

to run in veins at twilight

in deceit

gone are the laughter, and each flower

blight set inside the garden

I adored.


There is yet

one more rose,

just one, it lost a petal

it believes

there is still time

to live, breathe

salty air

of sunflowers.


© 2022 Amy Christie

Photo credit: Pexels

Originally published on Simily


About the author

Amy Christie

Passionate writer and journalist, striving to create meaningful connections.

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