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Worship the Way You Lie

by Amy Christie 13 days ago in love poems
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To me

Deep sunny smiles

laughter and play,

I look; I see an open gaze

here I was, doubting

it was another game

but could it be,

or wait

are you here, a ghost

my own


hide-and-seek maze

into unknown

outlandish game?


I don't know when to stop,

trusting doesn't believe

there could be false words, promises

made, and not kept,

said and unsaid

can you sing a song back

take away words you gave

what is left when the minutes lived

fly into dark denial

and revenge

sets in to steal a smile, joy

in power of deceit?


I try to see in your heart; there's a curtain

I stay on doorstep,

can't go in,

will you let me inside,

in faith,

I promise,

I won't go,

can you believe me, stay,

will you forgive the past,

add happy seconds to this lifetime

and the next,

make your dreams



In yearning to come close

I get burned, and I hurt,

you don't see suffering

unless it is

your own.

Will tears call you back

or can you only reach

dew in the morning light,

blisters of hate

left on your trail.


Do you dare look in sunlight,

see what comes back,

claws or embrace,

fangs or a kiss

as you have sowed

so darkness reaps.


In love,

in heartless chase,

in chasm

or on highest cloud,

a cliff, abyss,

the world stands still

waiting for breath, a happy tear

or that kiss

you promised to seal

a happy dwelling,

now, this threshold recalls

you and me

our home.


© 2022 Amy Christie

Photo credit: Pexels

Originally published on Simily

love poems

About the author

Amy Christie

Passionate writer and journalist, striving to create meaningful connections.

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