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Around This Year...

A poem written to find light within a cold, dark night.

By AmayaPublished about a year ago 1 min read

Snowflakes gives us magic we never thought we had before.

Dancing through the air.

Swaying with the wind. We are the magician to our own reality. Nothing can stop us, except our mentality. Writing painful memories, our soul cries in snowflakes, turning our vulnerabilities into successful opportunities.

Creating your own hope, Magician.

Magical fingertips flowing for the tongue. You bring magic to the cold. Every snowflake is us all. Shining brighter as a whole.

Around this time of year… you can find me crawled up, next to bears. Caressing memories summer had. Sunlight holding our fears aside. Phasing moons, bringing darkness to the light. Every sparkle shining with the moonlight. Every sparkle bringing life. Creating magic, even after life.

Snowflakes. Magic. You are your own Magician. Believe in Him, or them. Whatever magic you believe in, believe in yourself to create again. You are magic. And so are they. Whoever they may be. Believe in yourself.

Darkness, does not define you. It enlightens you, to be your best you.

Don’t dance for them. Dance for your soul.


Your children.

Hairy or not.

Anyone you love, containing a pure gold heart.

YOU are the Magician.

Around this time of year …

I believe in my own magic again.

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