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Re-Writing History

by Amaya 2 months ago in how to / humanity
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I often wonder how we could rectify some of our ancestors wrong doings. Instead of spewing facts, blame, or shame, I would like engage in thought provoking questions for a better future, an understanding of the now. Not just for the enslaved, oppressed, and deeply abused ancestors, but also for all to learn and understand with compassion in todays society. Abuse and oppression go beyond this era. How can we rectify the now?

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I believe we need more than financial restitution and power over land to re-write the wrongs of our ancestors. We need rehabilitation, education, compassion, overall care (mental, physical, emotional, financial, etc.). It’s “everyone fends for themselves”, unless it involves family.

What happens when family is the one that produced the greatest wounds from the start? What happens when they abandon us? Not for the betterment, or well-being of their family?

What happens when they are struck with illnesses, disabilities, and so forth? Who do we call on then?

Do we expect to do it on our own? Do we call on our friends and our community? The very place that some of us turned our backs on. The people who were belittled and shamed for being who they were.

I used to resent the blood in my veins.

Ashamed of my ancestors’ sins.

Nowhere to go.

Nowhere to run.

Hiding from the above. Blaming Him for it all.

“How could you let this happen, God? I thought you were the creator of all. Couldn’t you control the actions into better outcomes?”

We forget, God is an ever evolving creature, just as ourselves.

He believed in corporal punishment just as our ancestors did.

Realizing we are our own person, separate souls from everyone else,

He gave us the freedom of will.

Actions have consequences.

What are the consequences?

Is it punishment? Discipline?

(There’s a whole other theory on discipline, especially when it comes to child development; Discipline Without Damage, Dr. Vanessa LaPointe).

I then realized I came here for a reason.

I didn’t ask to be here,

And continuously wondered my purpose on this Earth.

If there truly is any purpose, other than just being.

I’m not here to shame the past of my families’ actions.

Nor to run from their mistakes. Including my own.

I’m here to embrace the good, bad, beautiful, and ugly.

Acknowledging the pain they may have caused, with more research of course.

Correcting actions, and behaviors, moving forward.

This violence and hatred can no longer be tolerated.

What is it for anyways?

I’m standing for human rights.

No longer defending my families actions,

But understanding where they came from, with compassion.

No longer allowing toxic behavior.

89.9FM had me thinking…

What was life like for a black woman, let alone a single black woman? Add children into that mix.

I know bits of it through history books and stories being told, but what TRULY happened behind the scenes?

I’ve been more privileged than I realized.

Being able to pursue a college degree, having family to support me when I needed it the most, friends to lean on.

Maybe some did, while others… most did not.

Being targeted for the skin they were born in.

Needing to hide their very own complexion.

For what?!

Jealousy? Misunderstandings? Perception and assumptions? Power for control, because that’s what was taught by their parents? Using people as scapegoats to cover up their own actions?

Some of these people were my ancestors.

Abusing and abused.

What is the true history of America? Why was it hidden?

Can racism be unlearned? Is it a matter of generalizing similarities of living in the past? Misunderstandings and assumptions?

Where did our world go wrong?

How can we fix it?

Feel free to leave comments down below. I love to hear others' insights. Keep it clean, friendly, and respectful for all.

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