Applaud the Poet

by Christopher Sims about a year ago in slam poetry

Slam Poetry for The People

Applaud the Poet
Christopher D. Sims, Nationally Known Spoken Word Poet Performing in the Quad Cities in Front of a Live Audience

Applaud The poet.

Applaudhis blood,sweat, tears.

Applaudhis twenty-oneYears of writing,performing,expressing,traveling,unravelingthe reasonbehind hisrhyme.

ApplaudThe poet.Applaudhis mind.ApplaudThe wayHe usestime to Create art.

Applaudhis heart;his empathy;his compassion;his actions!

ApplaudThe poet.

Applaudhis teaching.Applaudhis reaching.Applaudhis deepthinkingand hisway ofspeaking.

ApplaudThe poetStandingin frontOf the Mic.

ApplaudThe poetWho knowsWhat you likewhen it comesTo motivation,stimulation, positive vibrations.ApplaudThe poet.

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Christopher Sims
Christopher Sims
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Christopher Sims

Christopher D. Sims is a an artist who writes poetry, performs spoken word, and plays the hand drum, wooden flute, and the African guitar.

He uses his writing, speaking, and activism for social justice movements and peace efforts.

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