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Another Day, Another Dollar

Zeitgeist of today

By Dominic Casey-LeePublished 5 months ago 1 min read
Another Day, Another Dollar
Photo by Muhammad Muzamil on Unsplash

Another day, another dollar

But what’s a dollar worth?

Can’t climb very high on but a

Dollar a day

Everything has a price

Fresh beans and rice

Go together for a good dinner

However, your dollar’s gone; a dollar is dinner

Interesting how a dollar only gets you

Just one more day

Kids on the street fight for a dollar

Loser licks his wounds, his own blood for dinner

Mum’s dollar wasn’t enough, Dad drank it

Never mind that man in a suit

Over beyond the fence

Pristine, perfect

Quickly, quietly, he walks away

Rare, that sight in this town

So many people, so much pain

Too much to bear for a man with money

Usually the suits stay away

Violence, venom, and vomit

Won’t entice a rich man to stay

X number of dollars is what they make in a day

You and I won’t see a penny

Zeitgeist of today

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Dominic Casey-Lee

Ecclectic, erotic, enigmatic. Exploring the mysteries of our existence through words, and hopefully providing some entertainment along the way.

Here you'll find excerpts from my fantasy project, stories, poems and general rambling.

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Comments (1)

  • Beth Sarah5 months ago

    Absolutely fantastic!!!!

Dominic Casey-LeeWritten by Dominic Casey-Lee

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