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Without You

Quitting you is like cigarettes

By Dominic Casey-LeePublished 4 months ago 1 min read
Without You
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Anywhere I go, you’re with me too.

Between my heart and my head,

Choosing you was never a battle.

Despite the fact they fight, over

Every. Little. Thing.

For some reason, you

Gave them something to agree on.

Half the time you lift me up.

In my moments of doubt,

Just the thought of you creates a smile.

Killing me slowly is what you do,

Loving you the other half of time.

Mostly because, really, you are

Not here. You left, long ago.

Only memories and melodies

Put you back by my side.

Quitting you is like cigarettes,

Reaching for you when I need

Something to break through the sadness,

Touching nothing but cold, empty air.

Us. I remember us.

Vivid, your image in my head.

When it felt like the whole world was two bodies intertwined.

X, is all you are now. X lover, X partner, X friend.

Yet my head and my heart still agree.

Zombie. That’s what I am now; aimless, without purpose, without you.

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Dominic Casey-Lee

Ecclectic, erotic, enigmatic. Exploring the mysteries of our existence through words, and hopefully providing some entertainment along the way.

Here you'll find excerpts from my fantasy project, stories, poems and general rambling.

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  • Salomé Saffiri4 months ago

    wooooahhh. I did not expect a plot twist. thank you for this read

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