Spoken Words


I am an Anomaly.

At least, that’s what I feel like.

Something that deviates from what is standard normally;

Something that is kept from the light.

I am a black girl,

Who is seen as loud and angry in this world.

Instead, I’m sad,

For being misunderstood and looked at like I’m bad

I like playing video games and watching Japanese anime.

I know a thing or two about cars, and enjoy writing music everyday.

I have goals and dreams

Just like everyone else;

But have to work twice as hard

Just to put food on my shelf.

I am judged based off my fellow Queens;

And even though they could clean up their act,

It’s not their fault you look at me mean.

I am an Anomaly,

That’s exactly what I feel like.

I don’t do things normally, but,

I guess that won’t stop you from trying to take my light.

social commentary
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Lady Psyren

I am an independent artist and writer based in Milwaukee, WI. I've always enjoyed writing and I use nature to help me do it. I write Hip-Hop/R&B and Video Game Music. My poetry is usually about the world as I see it and my culture.

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