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by Gia Perez 4 years ago in surreal poetry


I saw places so dark and filled with light. I’m Autumn, the woman who saw the difference between living and dying. I was walking down the Time Square streets of New York and I could smell the street vendors and see the people crowded in line for their food. I wanted to grab a bite as my rumbling, grumbling stomach went on, but I almost forgot I came here to meet my boyfriend Marcus. He just came from his business trip from a very hot Australia while I was here in the cold. I still wanted to see him through. I walked over to my bus stop and I saw a huge roach go across my feet. I tried to kick it off, but as I doing that I heard the loud sound of my bus coming. I started to run to catch my bus, but the last person went on. The doors slammed shut and the bus drove off. I sat at the bus stop, put my earphones on and listened to my favorite song by Sia-Chandelier. I waited and waited and waited and I slowly became impatient. I waited for the nearest taxi to come and I yelled “TAXI!”. Despite the speed, I got in the car. I told him my destination, “Third Ave please.” I was watching the news and I heard about a crime that was committed and how the guy could be anywhere.”Crazy right?”, I said to the taxi driver. He didn’t answer. He went a little faster. I looked out the window and saw my street. I then saw Marcus and we looked eye to eye. “Stop please.” When I heard the taxi driver honking, I looked forward and saw a big truck charging towards us. That was the last light I saw and breath of air I breathed. That’s when the end came for me. I woke up feeling a cool breeze against my bruised skin. It was the most intense pain I’ve ever felt. I saw a hall that looked like it would go on for an eternity. As I walked, I began to see a doorway. I opened it. I saw Marcus holding my pale white hand. I cried knowing I was dead. I wrapped my arms around him and I felt the wind pulling me back into the distance. I heard a voice, “Walk to the door of heaven.”. “How?”, I asked. I looked at the door. I opened it and every step I took was a year that I saw the the lives of my family. I saw Marcus and he was on a date with a very pretty lady and I smiled. “I will always love you.”, I said. I looked back as I walked and I saw a light coming from the door. “Welcome to Heaven.”

surreal poetry

Gia Perez

Im just a girl writing what comes into my dreams and mind.

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