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last night i looked up at the night sky and saw my nan sleeping on a crescent moon, dancing with the stars and singing to the planets. she saw me smiling from my bedroom window and so she smiled back at me and sent down rain so she could hold my hand again and i held hers.

my nan united again with the universe on the <10/3/19> and this was her birthday. the day she was reborn. she isn’t gone nor will she ever leave me

she said that she had to go, it was her time to go. not to leave. just to go, not away but even closer not far but right by our sides. some people believe in different things when it comes to death but i believe death is as important as life, death is as beautiful as life, death is life and life is death just like yin and yang or thunder and lighting. it is a balance.

so go where i asked,

my nan replied:

to the stars

to the moon

to the sun

to the planet mars

to the wind

to the rocks

to the tides

to the grass

to the ride of the milky way

to the rivers

to the seas

to be in you

to be free

to my mum

to my children

to my grandchildren

to my husband

to the animals

to the trees, from each bird to each bee

to the realm where the spirits roam

to a place i’ll call home

but my home is where you go

my home is where you know

everything and everyone you see all share a piece of me.

so don’t feel sad

don’t feel down

just because you don’t see me around

but when you look up to the sky

smile, because i’m takings a picture of you

for when you one day will join me again

my love, my child, my friend

oh and my mother is beautiful

i forgot how gorgeous thee

we’re together again and my heart is filled with glee

i have superpowers i can fly

so no i did not die

i am reborn once again

so let those melancholy thoughts come to an end

kiss me through a summers breeze

because i’m amongst those pretty leaves

and when the clouds are passing by

just know that’s me say... it’s me

it’s you

it’s everyone you love

i am your nan from up above

i am your nan from down below

i am your nan everywhere you go.

from a granddaughter to her nan

good morning and goodnight nan. for you are the reason i’ll cry when i look up and see you sleeping in the sky.

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Ruhani khadijah
Ruhani khadijah
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