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An Original Poem for My Valentine

by Gillian Stanford 4 years ago in love poems
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After countless failed relationships of all kinds, it took a different kind of love to finally have appreciation for the holiday that once had me rolling my eyes every year on the 14th of February.

Showing off our matching tattoos that contain lyrics from one of our favorite songs, “Feel again” by the band OneRepublic

"You deserve to be happy,

You deserve to be free"

The silence in your eyes

Spoke volumes to me

"The life you deserve

Is nowhere near here"

But with your hand in mine

I see life so clear

Let's take a moment

And remember what's real

Let me hold you tight

And in my arms you will heal

"It's us, not them"

I lean in and say

Deep breaths, new horizons

We're on our way

"Count 1, 2, 3"

Repeat after me

"It's us not them"

And I'm here to stay

It hasn't been easy

That you and I know

My hair in the moonlight

Your beard with a glow

"Let's dance" you say

You stand & pull me in

My head on your chest

Dancing in circles with the wind

"It's us, not them"

You whisper in my ear

"Distractions are just that"

And my fear disappears

"It's us, not them"

We're dancing on a cloud

You & me, that's all we need

Saying everything, without a sound

I've been broken

I've found it hard

To pick my feet up

You've given me 24 hours a day

since you packed your bags and came here

And I know it's been rough

And people, well they're people

And they don't know

The story of us

Cause if they did

They would easily know

Money has never been not ever will be

Our idea of "love"

So people, well they may be people

But you & me

We aren't them

We fight hard

We love harder

And together out loud,

We say it Again...

"It's us, not them"

We say quietly together

Chanting out loud, gradually louder

"You & me forever"

Cause as long as we stick to the basics

We can bare any weather

I love you and will never leave

And with that vow

Comes forever

love poems

About the author

Gillian Stanford

Witty & sensitive AF since 1987 ✌🏼 Expressive arts enthusiast 🎵📝📽 I wish I had the confidence my two cats seem to naturally display on the reg but then there’d be nothing to write about 😼I believe in my fiancé, Ryan #himandi ♏️🔻🐰

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