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An Ode To Life

within the mist

By Amourè DeezyyPublished 2 years ago Updated 2 years ago 1 min read

Life is considered a blessing.

But one can take that away.

It fades, it begins to lessen.

But life goes by each day.

I pray that God stops the testing.

You get older but it’s as if you get young

This is the cycle of life I’m guessing.

Fearing breathing you're last to breathe through your lung.

Is this a life through a magnifying glass?

Learning from mistakes, living each day as its last.

Without you where would I be

Dark, cold, empty exempt.

Just a thought between two lovers over a cup of tea

Between two adolescents there was no attempt

Elements a fuse to your essence

What is there beyond your awakening

Creating this personality full of presence

My heart awoke within shaking

What you have given me is a gift

The remainder of you is within the mist.

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    Amourè DeezyyWritten by Amourè Deezyy

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