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An Alphabet Adventure: Exploring The World From A To Z for Kids

the Alphabet Adventure! “T”

By Sandy MayPublished 3 months ago 1 min read
An Alphabet Adventure: Exploring The World From A To Z for Kids
Photo by Fernando Maté on Unsplash

T Turtle

In a world where land and sea collide,

A gentle creature dwells, with a steadfast stride.

With a sturdy shell that shields from harm,

The turtle roams, in a calm and peaceful charm.

Oh, the turtle, a symbol of patience and grace,

With a slow and steady pace.

Its ancient wisdom, a treasure to behold,

Guiding its journey, as stories unfold.

Children's eyes light up, their hearts filled with wonder,

As they observe the turtle, moving with such splendor.

They imagine themselves, joining its tranquil race,

Embracing the serenity, in nature's embrace.

With each deliberate step, it tells a tale,

Of resilience and perseverance, never to fail.

In the embrace of water and land, it finds its home,

Navigating the depths, where creatures freely roam.

With the letter 'T,' the turtle imparts,

Lessons of patience and connection, straight to young hearts.

For in its presence, they come to see,

The beauty of harmony, wild and free.

So let the children embrace its gentle pace,

In awe they'll stand, in its tranquil space.

For the turtle, with its gentle grace,

Teaches us to embrace life's steady embrace.

In the realm of turtles, dreams find their way,

As children and creatures share each passing day.

With each serene glide and peaceful retreat,

A connection forms, forever complete.


T is for Turtle, slow and steady,

Carrying its home, on a shell so ready.

Patient and resilient, in the journey it takes,

The turtle's wisdom, with each step it makes.

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Sandy May

Hello, I'm Sandy May, using a pen name. I'm keen on writing gigs, including illustration, though I'm not always adept at it. If you enjoy my creations, kindly give them a thumbs up, share with your folks and subscribe for free.

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  • Dharrsheena Raja Segarran3 months ago

    Awww, I love turtles! Such a wonderful poem for them!

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